Editing a Canned List


  1. Enable App for Editing: Select your app from the apps list and go to the design section. Here, you need to go into the edit mode of the application as without doing so you will not be able to edit anything.

  2. Switch to the Canned List Tab: When you are in edit mode, to edit your canned list, switch to the canned list tab. Select the canned list you want to edit by clicking on it. On clicking on the canned list, it will get highlighted and you will be able to see the details of that canned list on the right side.

  3. Edit the List: You can only edit the canned lists' name and description. You can also add or remove list items from the canned list. 

    Selecting the edit icon will enable you to edit the list.

    After editing, just press enter and you will be able to see your change.

  4. Update app to save changes: After making the changes you need to update the app as all the changes made are temporary and do not get applied to your backend until you update your app.