Deleting a Canned List Item


  1. Enable app for editing - Select your app from the apps list and go to the design section. Here you need to go into the edit mode of the application as without doing so you will not be able to make any changes to the app.

  2. Switch to the Canned List tab - To delete a list item you must switch to the canned list tab after editing the app. Now select the canned list in which the item you want to delete is present.

  3. Deleting the item - Narrow down on the item you want to delete and click on the delete icon.

  4. Updating you app - After you have edited the app and made your changes, you need to apply these changes to your backend. To do so you will need to update the app..

    Some important things to note

    1. All additions and modifications of schemas, relations and canned lists are temporary and are only applied
      to the app on clicking update.