Creating a Connection


Before creating a Connection, you should have created a Schema, a Relation and Articles.

If you have missed out on any of them, then you can learn how to create a Schema, how to create a Relation and how to create an Article.

Creating a Connection through the Explorer

  1. Go to the Explorer

  2. On the left menu bar, click on the content section and under it, click on the explorer sub-section

  3. Add Articles to the Explorer

    Add the articles that you want to connect. You can only connect those articles which are displayed in the Explorer. If you want to know how to add articles to the view on the explorer, check out this page.

  4. Click the Connect button

    Click the connect button to start creating a connection

  5. Making the Connection

    Making a connection depends on the kind of relation between the schema of the articles. You should follow the steps for the case applicable to you.

    A. There is only one Relation between the Schema of the Articles

    1. Select the first article

    2. Select the second article, i.e., the article it connects to

    3. View the Connection details

    4. Click on the create button to create the connection.

    B. There are multiple Relations between the Schema of the Articles

    1. Select the articles

    2. Choose the Relation for which you want to create the Connection

    3. After choosing the relation, click ok to proceed.

    4. View the Connection details

    5. Click the create button to create the connection

    C. The Relation is between the same Schema, but with different endpoint labels

    1. Select the articles. In this case, we are creating a connection between two articles of the User schema

    2. As you can see, there are two different endpoints for this connection - Father and Daughter. You can swap the articles depending on how you want the connection to be made. To swap the endpoints, simply click the swap button.



    If you clicked swap button, the endpoints are swapped as shown below.


    3. Once you are satisfied that the endpoints have the correct label, click the ok button to continue


    4. Click on the create button to create the connection   


Creating a Connection through the API

Refer the documentation here to see how to create a new connection through the API.