How to add a Canned List and List Items


To know what is a Canned List, click here.


  1. Enable Edit Mode: Select your app from the apps list and go to the design section. Here. you need to go into the edit mode of the application as without doing so, you will not be able to  add a new canned list to the app.

  2. Go to the Canned List tab: To add a new canned list you must switch to the canned list tab after editing the app.

  3. Add a new list: After switching the tab, enter the name of the new canned list and press enter.

  4. Adding list items: When you have successfully added a canned list, you will get an option of adding items to your list.

  5. Adding list item details: On clicking on the add list item button, you will be able to add a name, a value and a description to your list item. 

    The newly added list item would look something like this.

  6. Applying your changes - All new additions made are temporary and will only get applied to your app backend definition on clicking update at the bottom.

    Some important things to note

    1. All additions and modifications of schemas, relations and canned lists are temporary and are 
      only applied to the app on clicking update.