Deleting a type

You can delete any type that is not connected to another type. Hence, before you can delete a type, you must delete any relations that have the type as an endpoint. If you want to know how to do that, you can check out the solution on how to delete a relation.

Delete a Type from the Designer

  1. Go to the designer 

    Select your app from the apps list and go to the model designer in the build and deploy section from the modules

  2. Select the Type

    Double click on the type you want to delete. This will open a pop-up dialog box which gives the details of that schema.

  3. Delete the Type

    To delete the type, click on the delete icon on the top right corner of the dialog box as shown in the screenshot.

  4. Applying our changes

    All new deletions made on the designer are temporary. To apply the change permanently to your app back-end definition click on publish icon at the bottom. 

Some important things to note

  • All additions and modifications of type and relations on the designer are temporary and only applied to the app on clicking update.
  • If there are any relations associated with the type you will not be able to see the delete icon on the top right corner of the dialog-box.