Creating a new Type


To know what is a Type, click here.

Create a new Type from the Designer

  1. Go to the Designer view

    Select your app from the apps list. To go to the designer view select the model designer option under the build and deploy section in the modules
    On clicking on the model designer you will be taken to the graph visualizer.

  2. Create type

    You should be able to see the add type and add relation icons on the top left on the graph designer. Let's say that you want to create a type named location. Click the create type button.

  3. Provide a type name

    On clicking on the add type button, you will be shown a dialog box asking for the name of the type. Enter the name of the type and click on the create type button as shown in the screenshot below.

  4. Your changes

    All new additions and updates made on the designer will be shown on the top of the screen as the changes made. On clicking on the link provided, you will be able to see all the changes made by you. These changes are temporary and get applied to your app backend only when you click on the publish button in the footer. You can also choose to revert your changes by clicking on the revert changes option in the footer.

Some important things to note

  • All additions and modifications of Type and Relation on the designer are temporary and only applied to the app on clicking publish.